Hardware MaintenanceHaving invested on the right hardware equipment, it is important that these are kept at top notch working conditions. It is with this in mind that we provide preventive maintenance services to our clients.

We service computer hardware including desktop computer systems, Laptop/Tablet systems, Server systems, Printers and Ups systems.We also offer service for Data and Voice networks.We structure our Hardware Maintenance contracts to meet our client’s needs and to ensure that the hardware is well maintained. Usually this is done on a quarterly basis.
Smart Dimensions Limited have employed highly qualified computer hardware experts who will give your hardware the professional service and maintenance to ensure that the equipment is in efficient working condition. We have also put in place an effective process in which we give valuable feedback after each preventive maintenance service.

We offer two types of Hardware Maintenance services.

  • On call maintenance- remedial service based upon machine breakdown, includes labor charges
  • Maintenance service contracts-preventive maintenance at least once every three months. No labor charges.


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